Jim Martin Table
March 8, 2013


The Jim Martin Table has been updated to reflect the continuing resolution (CR) passed by the House on March 6, 2013, which would fund federal programs through the remainder of FY 2013. The House CR funds most discretionary programs at FY 2012 levels with a small across-the-board reduction. The across-the-board reductions (0.098% for nonsecurity programs and 0.109% for security programs) would bring total spending down to meet the FY 2013 discretionary funding caps included in the Budget Control Act (BCA). In addition, the House CR funds most mandatory programs at current-law levels. The House CR does not include any provision to reverse the March 1, 2013 sequester. These cuts are calculated by applying the percentage reductions (5.0% for nondefense discretionary programs and 5.1% for nondefense mandatory programs) to FY 2013 funding in place on March 1, 2013 (the first CR).