FFIS FY 2024 Shutdown Resources

  • Budget Brief 23-21: FAQs: Potential Impacts of a Government Shutdown on State Grant Programs
  • Budget Brief 23-23Digging Deeper: Potential Impacts of a Shutdown on Specific Programs

Other FY 2024 Resources

Resources From Past Shutdowns

FY 2019 Shutdown Information

FFIS Reports

  • Budget Brief 18-17: FAQs on a partial government shutdown
  • Budget Brief 18-18: Provisions of the last CR, including a list of programs funded by it
  • Budget Brief 18-19: Information on how individual programs might fare in a shutdown, with specific reference to programs that are permitted to carry over unspent funds from the prior fiscal year
    • Appendix: Includes links to the federal sources of program-specific details, as well as relevant language from federal shutdown guidance
  • Budget Brief 19-02: FY 2019 Partial Shutdown and TANF
  • Budget Brief 19-03: Three-Week CR Ends Government Shutdown

Other Resources

  • Agency guidance released since the start of the FY 2019 shutdown are compiled in the spreadsheet here.

FY 2018 Shutdown Information

FFIS Reports
Other Resources

FY 2014 Shutdown Information

FFIS Reports
Other Resources
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