Budget Brief 23-20
September 1, 2023

Over the years, FFIS has typically reported on appropriations progress through a series of Budget Briefs, each devoted to a particular appropriations bill or a component of that bill. These briefs have included funding tables with national totals for scores of competitive grant programs that are not in the FFIS grants database.

This year, FFIS is transitioning to an Appropriations Tracker, a single spreadsheet with funding amounts across appropriations bills, which will be updated regularly. In a typical year, this spreadsheet would be accompanied by Budget Briefs highlighting notable proposals in House and Senate bills.

This is not a typical year. As described in Budget Brief 23-19, the House and Senate are working from dramatically different top-line spending and the House has not released committee reports for two of its 12 appropriations bills, including the one for Labor-Health and Human Services-Education.

Because the two chambers are so far apart on fiscal year (FY) 2024 appropriations—and because there is incomplete information—this Budget Brief just identifies themes and priorities in House and Senate actions to date. It also serves as a guide to navigating the Appropriations Tracker.