Budget Brief 21-03
January 27, 2021

The fiscal year (FY) 2021 appropriations process concluded on December 27, 2020, with enactment of a large, catch-all, year-end bill (P.L. 116-260) including all 12 regular appropriations bills, additional COVID-19 relief funding, and dozens of other provisions.

This brief highlights FY 2021 appropriations related to Department of Labor (DOL) grant programs (in Division H of the larger bill); it does not address COVID-19-related provisions, which were summarized in Budget Brief 20-25. It covers the bill text, the accompanying explanatory statement, and the House committee report included in the explanatory statement by reference.

DOL programs get level funding or a small increase in FY 2021, with Congress rejecting eliminations and reductions proposed in the president’s budget.