Budget Brief 11-15
October 25, 2011

Federal government programs are currently being funded under the second continuing resolution (CR, P.L. 112-36) of federal fiscal year (FY) 2012. The CR establishes a -1.5% program-level, across-the-board cut for discretionary funding relative to FY 2011. However, the current CR expires after November 18, 2011, and congressional leaders hope to have some of their FY 2012 appropriations work finalized by then. The House has passed six appropriations bills, while the Senate has passed only one. None has been signed into law. The Senate is currently considering a “minibus” (H.R. 2112), which includes the FY 2012 Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, and Transportation-Housing and Urban Development (HUD) appropriations bills. The Senate is scheduled to vote on the minibus on October 31, 2011.