Agency Announcements

June 29, 2011: GAO Issues ARRA Report on Clean Water and Drinking Water SRFs GAO issued the following report that examined 1) the status and use of ARRA State Revolving Funds (SRF); 2) federal and state actions to monitor funds; 3) federal and state approaches to ensure data quality; and 4) challenges, if any, that states have faced in implementing ARRA requirements. The full report can be accessed at:

August 26, 2010: House Committee Release State-by-State Data on Clean Water SRF ARRA Investments The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released data showing that 41 states have invested 100% of their ARRA funds under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) program. Click here to learn more about the information collected by the committee, including state rankings on Clean Water SRF usage:

August 4, 2010: EPA Releases ARRA Quarterly Performance Report The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its agency-wide third-quarter ARRA performance report. Click here to access the document:

July 1, 2010: DOE Releases Updated Clean Water and Drinking Water SRF ARRA Reporting SummariesThe Department of Energy (DOE) released updated ARRA Reporting Summary Project Lists for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) and the Drinking Water SRF. Click the following links to access the respective programs' ARRA Reporting Summaries:
Clean Water SRF:
Drinking Water SRF:

June 1, 2010: EPA Releases 2010 Agency ARRA Plan EPA recently posted its agency and program plans for administering ARRA in 2010. To view EPA’s plans, which have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget, click here:

May 3, 2010: EPA Releases ARRA Quarterly Performance Report EPA released its ARRA Quarterly Performance Report for the second quarter of FY 2010, which includes information on the six environmental programs funded by ARRA: clean water, drinking water, diesel emissions, brownfields, leaking underground storage tanks, and superfund projects. Click here to view the performance report:

April 2010: EPA Updates ARRA Recipient Reporting Guidance EPA recently updated its reference guide for ARRA recipient reporting for grant and assistance agreements. Follow this link to view the new checklist:

March 2010: EPA Updates FAQs on ARRA Reporting EPA recently updated their frequently asked questions document on ARRA recipient reporting. To view the new FAQs document, click here:

December 22, 2009: DOE Publishes Highlights of New OMB ARRA Guidance After OMB issued its updated ARRA reporting guidance on December 18, 2009, EPA published highlights on the new guidance, available here:

October 2009: EPA Issues Guidance on Brownfields Program The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued new program and reporting guidance for the Brownfields Program activities under ARRA. Click here for details:

October 1, 2009: EPA Releases Supplemental Guidance EPA released supplemental guidance on measuring and reporting job estimates. In the form of questions and answers, the guidance seek to address questions arising with both reporting the number of jobs through comprehensive reporting and the use of statistical methods in estimating job impacts of ARRA. To view this information, see:

August 18, 2009: Brownfields Assessment Applications EPA announced that applications for brownfields assessment, revolving loan fund, and cleanup grants are now being accepted through Oct. 16, 2009. These funds can be used for assessmentand cleanup of brownfield sites, including those contaminated by hazardous substancesand/or petroleum. Full guidelines for the grant competition are posted on the EPA website at:

August 14, 2009: EPA Issues Guidance on Job Reporting EPA issued supplemental guidance on measuring and reporting job estimates under ARRA. The guidance includes EPA contact information for ARRA funding recipients seeking EPA concurrence on the use of a statistical estimate and a proposed methodology. All requests must be submitted to the EPA by September 10, 2009.

August 4, 2009: EPA Announces Funding for Brownfields Grants EPA announced that 55 state or local governments will receive a total of $55 million in supplemental funding for Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund grants to help communities carry out cleanup activities and redevelopment projects. The grants include $42 million from ARRA and $13 million from the EPA's general program funding for Brownfields. For more information and a list of grantees, see:

August 4, 2009: Eight States to Share ARRA Brownfields Job Training Grants EPA announced that 14 communities in eight states (California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Ohio, and Washington) will share $6.8 million in ARRA Brownfields Job Training Grants geared toward cleaning up contaminated properties and turning them into productive community assets:

May 15, 2009: EPA Recovery Plan EPA has released its agency-wide recovery plan:

May 8, 2009: Brownfields Grants Administrator Jackson announced the availability of an estimated $111.9 million in grants bolstered by funds from ARRA to help communities clean up sites known as Brownfields, which may be contaminated by hazardous chemicals or pollutants. Communities in 46 states, four tribes, and two U.S. Territories will share in these grants to help revitalize former industrial and commercial sites. The grants include $37.3 million from ARRA and $74.6 million from the EPA Brownfields general program funding.!OpenDocument

LUST Funds States and territories are listed in the link below, with the amount of LUST Recovery Act money each will receive to assess and clean up underground storage tank leaks. (Note that American Samoa and North Dakota declined LUST Recovery Act money.) EPA will enter into cooperative agreements with states and territories in spring 2009. These cooperative agreements will include more detailed descriptions of states' and territories' spending plans.

April 15, 2009: Hazardous Waste Sites $600 million in ARRA funding to clean up hazardous waste sites:!OpenDocument

Superfund sites receiving ARRA funding:

EPA ARRA Activities Highlights of EPA's ARRA activities to date:

Diesel Emission Reduction Grants The EPA has announced application deadlines for Diesel Emission Reduction Grants:

Water  Quality Management EPA Guidance for water quality management planning grants (part of Clean Water SRF): 

Clean Diesel Grants The EPA released information on the State Clean Diesel Grant Program:

There are three competitive EPA grant programs for which states are also eligible.  Information on those grants can be found at:

EPA Releases Guidance for Revolving Loan Funds The clean water (CWSRF) and
drinking water (DWSRF) revolving loan funds received a combined $6 billion in ARRA with $4 billion for CWSRF and $2 billion for the DWSRF.  Under the ARRA, states must obligate all funds within 12 months of the date of enactment, devote at least 20% of the funds to 'green infrastructure' projects and at least 50% in the form of grants. 

ARRA requirements led EPA to release new guidance to its regions, which can be found at: